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Patrimonio Digital Complutense: basic guide

Guide about the use and contents of the portal for the diffusion of the Complutense Digital Collection (

Home page

Access to PDC is via a home page that allows you to browse the main collections and resources offered by the portal.

Home page of PDC web



The upper part of the PDC portal is made up of a series of quick links that lead both to important information about the digital heritage collections of the Complutense Library and to the main elements of the portal.

  • Search box.
  • Navigation menu:
  • Get to know us.
    • What is PDC?
    • Digitisation projects
    • History of the Complutense Library
    • Exhibitions
  • Treasures. Works belonging to the collection that stand out for their value and/or antiquity.
  • Colletions by type of document.
    • Manuscripts
    • Incunabula
    • Early printed books
    • Engravings and drawings
    • Maps and plans
    • Photographs
    • Doctoral theses up to 1920
  • More colletions. Access to resources whose content is to be specially highlighted or which form part of dissemination projects that are in the process of being published in PDC.


Centre of the home page

  • Featured works. The Treasures collection has a special place on the portal. Each time the home page is accessed, the image of one of the works in the collection appears with a direct link to view it.
  • Access to collections through thumbnails. This space is dedicated to the consultation of groups of works that stand out for different reasons: their importance within the portal, because they are new or for other reasons that mean they have to occupy a priority position on the main page.
  • Latest documents added. Access to the last nine works added to PDC.



This is repeated throughout the navigation and contains some links to practical information:

  • Use of images. Information on the possibilities for users to incorporate the images and contents of the PDC portal.
  • Queries and incidents. Form for communicating or consulting doubts or incidents that may be observed.
  • Exhibitions. Website to host the exhibitions held in the UCM libraries.
  • Social Media