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Library Loan Guide

Complutense Library Loan Help Guide

Which documents can be borrowed?

The UCM Library's entire collection is available for home lending with the following exceptions:

  • Reference works in their different formats.
  • Journals and periodicals.
  • PhD theses, end-of-degree projects, and unpublished research work.
  • Collections with unique characteristics or of special value or significance.
  • Documents that appear in the search engine as excluded from lending or those that, according to the library's criteria, are excluded from home lending.

Documents excluded from home lending will be available for loan in the reading room or other locations specially designated for this purpose.

Home lending

Home lending allows the user to take documents away from the library premises.

  • Regular loan: this is the type of loan we assign to manuals, basic bibliography, specialized works, leisure collections, etc.
  • Special materials loan: this is the type of loan for collections such as maps, films, sound recordings, etc.

Where can I borrow a book?

  • At the self-service machines where users can borrow or return books. You only need to be identified with your university card and/or library card.
  • At the circulation desks in the libraries.
  • In addition, returns can be made in the mailboxes provided for this purpose.

Consultation in the Reading Room

There are different loan variants for material that cannot leave the library premises:

  • In-house consultation only: collections located on open shelves that are excluded from home lending and can only be consulted inside the library.
  • Room loan: collections, normally located in the warehouses, which can only be consulted inside the library.
  • Room loan (theses): collections of unpublished PhD read at the UCM and which are located in the Doctoral Theses and Academic Publications Service and in some branch libraries.
  • Protected loan and special protected loan: collections with unique characteristics or of special value or significance that must be consulted in designated locations.

Other types of loans

There are also other more specific types of loans:

  • Special loans: collections that require special treatment according to the type of user.
  • Restricted loan: collections located in departments.
  • Research-Aid Collection: bibliographic collections acquired for research projects, which have preferential loan conditions for the researcher responsible for the project and the rest of the team. These preferential loan conditions are valid for the duration of the project.

What is Interlibrary Loan?

The Interlibrary Loan service aims to provide UCM members with documents in any medium that are not in the library and that meet their information and research needs. At the same time, it facilitates access to the University's collections to other external institutions. This is a service between libraries and not between individuals, and therefore the library always acts as an intermediary.