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Library Loan Guide

Complutense Library Loan Help Guide

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General information

The purpose of the loan service is to facilitate the consultation of the Complutense Library bibliographic collection inside and outside its facilities, allowing patrons to have access to a certain number of documents for a certain period of time, provided that the necessary requirements are met. To access the loan service it is necessary to present the university card or library card.

In the option My account in Cisne you can consult your loans and carry out operations such as the reservation and renewal of loan copies.

Who can use this service?

  • All those enrolled in any of the courses taught at UCM and affiliated institutions, in accordance with the duration of their courses.
  • Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and Administration and Services Staff (PAS) of the UCM, according to the duration of their contractual relationship with the university.
  • PhD students who, having completed their PhD courses, can prove that they have registered for academic supervision for the preparation of their doctoral thesis.
  • Members of Alumni UCM, duly accredited.
  • Those who by virtue of current UCM agreements or conventions are entitled to do so.
  • Users from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (hereinafter AECID) who can accredit their relationship with this institution.
  • UCM teachers and administrative staff who have retired.
  • Those persons who, for research reasons, request the loan service, endorsed by the Faculty dean or director, the director of a department or departmental section, or the director of any UCM Library. UCM Library will have a printed model of endorsement that can be provided to interested parties.
  • Teachers of secondary education or official non-university education (vocational training, conservatories, official language schools, etc.).

Is any identification required?

  1. UCM University Card (TUI-UCM): this accredits UCM students and students from from affiliated centres, administrative and service staff, and UCM teaching staff as university community members.
  2. Library card: all other types of users can obtain a card to use the services of the BUC, which will be issued at the library of the corresponding branch.

AECID (associated library)

As a Complutense user, you can enjoy the collections and services (including home lending) of the associated AECID library. You just need to credit your UCM user status at the AECID library.

The library of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation is an information centre specialising in social sciences and humanities on Ibero- America, the Arab and Islamic world and development cooperation. The Hispanic Library and the Islamic Library are both references in their fields of specialisation, both in Spain and abroad.