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Library Loan Guide

Complutense Library Loan Help Guide

Renewals and holds

What is a renewal?

Renewal is the extension of the loan period of materials prior to their expiry date.


Where and how can a loan be renewed?

Renewals can be made:
  • from the Cisne browser, by accessing My account
  • from the self-service machines


What are the conditions for renewing loans?

It's possible to renew loans provided that:
  • the item has not been reserved by another user
  • the return period has not expired
  • the user is not sanctioned

The number of possible renewals depends on the user's category: see the loan conditions.

What's a booking?

A booking is an advance request for a borrowed item.


How to make a booking?

Bookings are made through Cisne search engine. To use this service, patrons should identify themselves with his/her email address.

  • The library will send a notice by email so that the patrons who have made the booking can pick it up.
  • The patron has a period to pick up the booked item from the moment of notification.
  • If the patron doesn't pick up the item within the stipulated time, the item will be passed on to the next user on the list. 
  • Reserved materials only must be picked up by the person who makes the reservation.


How can I cancel a booking?

  • A booking can be cancelled while it's pending processing.
  • If you have already received a notification to pick up the item, the booking can no longer be cancelled.