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Library Loan Guide

Complutense Library Loan Help Guide

Patron categories

This category is assigned to undergraduate students and other student collectives, such as:
  • University for Seniors,
  • course for over 25 years old,
  • students of agreements or training programmes subscribed by UCM,
  • Erasmus,
  • exchange students,
  • students from affiliated centers
  • UCM Summer Courses,
  • UCM Summer School.

This category is assigned to the following groups:

  • PhD student UCM,
  • UCM researcher: 
    • research scholarship holders,
    • interuniversity doctoral students,
    • honorary collaborators,
  • UCM research institute staff,
  • visiting researchers registered with active UCM mail for the duration of their stay,
  • UCM master's students registered with the OIPD.
Teaching and Research Staff with a contractual relationship with the University. Includes retired UCM Teaching and Research Staff.
  • UCM Administration and Services Staff,
  • Retired UCM Administration and Services Staff,
  • UCM scholarship holders-collaborators,
  • UCM General Foundation staff,
  • UCM College Housing staff.
  • Alumni UCM Plus+,
  • CSIM students,
  • AECID users,
  • members of professional associations and other institutions that have signed agreements with UCM that include the use of the library,
  • visiting researchers without UCM mail with accreditation,
  • teachers in secondary education or official non-university education (vocational training, conservatories, official language schools, etc.)
  • those persons not included in the previous categories who, for research reasons, request the loan service, endorsed by the dean or director of a centre, the director of a department or departmental section, or the director of any UCM Library.
  • Alumni UCM,
  • Any duly accredited external user interested in consulting the UCM's documentary collections.

How many copies can I borrow?

The number of copies you can have on loan at the same time varies according to the category of user and the type of document.

How long can I borrow a document for?

The length of the loan period varies according to the category of user and the type of document.

During official holiday periods (Christmas, Easter, and summer), special loan periods are announced in advance.