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Library Loan Guide

Complutense Library Loan Help Guide


The rules for borrowing documents from Odilo Complutense e-Books are as follows:

  • You can have up to 2 documents on loan at the same time.
  • The maximum duration of each loan is 14 days.
  • You can borrow up to 6 documents per month.
Attention: The loan of documents in E-books Odilo Complutense is independent of the documents that you may have borrowed physically in the libraries of the UCM, as well as the electronic books that you may have borrowed or downloaded in other loan platforms subscribed by the Complutense Library.


Once the loan period of an e-book has ended, it will no longer be accessible from the devices on which you downloaded it. However, you can return it before the end of the loan period, thus allowing other interested persons to make use of it.

You will be able to return the documents you have borrowed in advance:

  • From the E-books Odilo Complutense web platform (User area > Loans > Return).
  • If you have downloaded it for reading with Adobe Digital Editions from a PC, you can return it from the application itself (Right-click on the image of the book > Return). To return books from an eReader compatible with Adobe Digital Editions, they must be returned from the PC from which the file download was synchronised or from the E-books Odilo Complutense web platform.
  • From the E-books Odilo Complutense mobile app.


You will be able to renew the books you have borrowed from the "User area" space in E-books Odilo Complutense when there are 3 days left for their return, as long as other users have not reserved them.


If a book you are interested in is on loan, you can reserve it to read it when it becomes available.

You can reserve up to a maximum of 2 documents at the same time. When there are several reservations on the same title, the order of request will be followed.