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Library Loan Guide

Complutense Library Loan Help Guide


The return of borrowed books can be done in any library of the University by several means:

  1. Return boxes, which help us to maintain optimal security and hygiene conditions. You will find drop boxes in the following libraries:
    • María Zambrano Library
    • Chemical Sciences
    • Dentistry
    • Geography and History
    • Geological Sciences
    • Information Sciences
    • Mathematical Sciences
    • Medical School
    • Philosophy
    • Physical Sciences
    • Optics and Optometry
    • Social Work
    • Veterinary
  2. Self-service devices located in the reception areas of the library: do not need a university card to return them.
  3. At the Circulation desks, where you will be attended by library staff.


It is advisable to return books to the library to which the item belongs, to avoid unnecessary transfers and delays in returns.

Overdue items

Penalties for overdue items

The library card will be blocked until the overdue documents or materials are returned. Loans, renewals or holds cannot be made during the blocking.

Once returned, an additional penalty will be applied for each overdue document or material. During this period you would not be able to make any loan, renewal or hold:

Standard loan  1 day penalty for each 2 days overdue
Nonbook materials  1 day penalty for each 2 days overdue 
Electronic devices  1 day penalty for each 1 hour or fraction overdue

Test 2 days penalty for each 1 day overdue